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Indian Duppioni - This dupponi bears no resemblance to Indian dupponi. It has a flat finish with very subtle linen-look slubbing, is similar to tussah silk but more refined. It dyes beautifully and as a result, acquires a supple hand.
This is a heavier silk suitable for classy daytime clothing. Could be used for upholstery and drapery but because of its flat finish is not considered as a decorating fabric.

About this fabric: douppioni is reeled from double cocoons nested together. Threads are uneven and irregular. Italian doupioni is the finest, followed by Chinese, then Indian douppioni. It is also made from manufactured fibers such as polyester and acetate and referred to as doupionni. Silk doupioni is most often found in men's and women's fine suits and lightweight dresses.

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