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Curtains are a light weight woven fabric, generally made of 100% cotton or cotton mixes including linen or polyester. Its name originates from the French which means veil. Because of its light weight the fabric is mostly used in soft furnishing. Full length curtains in hot countries are made with voile and used as window treatments, mosquito nets etc. In colder climates voiles are also called net curtains and are used under heavier curtains (usually lined and inter-lined) to avoid direct sun light and for privacy. In the UK, as the more old fashioned net curtains lost in popularity, voiles came to replace them in the 90s. More sophisticated weaves became available on the market and intricately detailed voiles became fashionable. Companies such as Andrew Martin Ltd, Osborne & Little, Voyage Decoration and other market leaders started importing voiles which included metallic threads, printed patterns, embroidery etc. Manufacturing methods of voile curtains changed to accommodate the new found selection. No longer limited to French pleating and gathered pleating these began to be made up as "flags" using new tracks and pole systems available on the market. Because of their semi-transparent quality voile curtains are made using specially manufacturer heading tape which is less easily noticeable through the fabric. Voile fabric is also used in dress-making either in multiple layers or laid over a second material.

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